Reading for Pleasure

Date: 4th Apr 2017 @ 3:19pm


Research tells us that a positive attitude towards reading plays a key role in the
development and achievement of pupils.

"Young people who enjoy reading very
much are nearly five times as likely
to read above the expected level for
their age compared with young people
who do not enjoy reading at all."
Children’s and Young People’s Reading
Today, National Literacy Trust, 20121

"The advantages of reading for pleasure
go beyond academic achievement:
Other benefits include an increased
breadth of vocabulary, pleasure
in reading in later life, a better
understanding of other cultures,
better general knowledge and even
‘a greater insight into human nature’."
Reading for Pleasure: A research overview,
National Literacy Trust, 2006

This is why, at Norwood, we are committed to promoting “Reading for Pleasure”. It’s our
aim to inspire our pupils to become enthusiastic, life-long readers.


"Goth Girl" is our latest book club text.


Building a Reading Culture
At Norwood, “Reading for pleasure” is an important element of the daily reading circuit.
Pupils are given the opportunity to read for pleasure in our welcoming and exciting class
and year group reading areas.
Class teachers work hard to provide an extensive range of reading materials to appeal to
all pupils.

Magazine Subscriptions
Our wonderful Norwood PTA has funded magazine subscriptions for every year group.

First News
We subscribe to "First News" so our pupils can be well informed about current affairs and issues.

Children are encouraged to recommend and share their favourite books and inspire their

Year Two and Year Three sharing books

Sharing books on World Book day

A little bit of magic on WBD!

Traditional Tales display in Year R

An inspirational display in Year Two

Year Four's fantastic display

A brilliant graphic novel!

Book reviews in Year Two

Book reviews in Year Five

In addition to class and year group libraries there are popular outdoor playground and garden libraries 
and a reading zone in our infant outdoor learning area.

Our reading zone in the outdoor area

Playground Library

Garden Library

Class Books
To inspire our pupils, a wide range of whole class books are enjoyed throughout the school.

Year One

Year Two

Year Four

Year Four

Year 6

Year Five

Year Five

Reception: This week we are reading...

Michael Murpurgo author study in year five

Julia Donaldson author study in year two

Spider-Man in the book den in year two

Ronald Dahl author study in year five

Jill Murphy author study in year two

Norwood Library
We have a welcoming and extensive school library. Our library is currently open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes.
It's run by Mrs. Baron, Mrs. Ashton, Mrs Todhunter, a team of enthusiastic parent volunteers and our dedicated year six librarians.

Our librarians create attractive book displays to encourage pupils to try something new
and to read widely.

Visiting the new Atkinson Library in Southport

The new Atkinson Library in Southport

It’s our aim for every Norwood pupil to have a Sefton library card and for every pupil to visit the Atkinson Library. The children and staff have enjoyed the visits enormously and our children have returned from the library with inspiring and exciting books to read.

The Atkinson Library staff are always wonderfully helpful and enthusiastic. Here’s what Emma Harrison, the library manager, said about our Norwood pupils.

“It has been a pleasure to have the children brightening up the library over the past few weeks.  All of the pupils have been a credit to the school, not only in their behaviour and conduct but also how engaged they have been in learning about the library and the topics we have covered together. ”

  4D enjoying a good read on the train home!

You may find the following information helpful.

Atkinson Library General Opening times (Updated 10.2.17)
Monday - Friday 10 - 5
Saturday 10 - 4
Sunday 11 - 4

Please note library is open but not staffed after 2pm on Saturdays or at any time on Sundays.

Books can be borrowed via the self service system.

For pre-school children “Story and Rhyme Time” is held on Tuesday 10.30am
Wednesday 10.30am
Thursday 2.00pm

You can contact the Atkinson Library on 0151 934 2118
Remember that opening times may change during holiday periods.

WBD 2016 Bring and Buy Book Sale
WBD 2016 Our book sale raised £204.01 for the new community library in the Botanic Gardens.



Norwood librarians and Helen Maloney from NMLA

World Book Day

Mrs. Rigby inspired many children by reading extracts of Everton goalkeeper, Tim Howards book, "The keeper: A life of Saving Goals and Achieving Them." Mrs Rigby's outfit was widely admired, particularly her impressive beard!

If you want to know more about World Book Day events go to

Year R Reading Morning
Every Tuesday morning during the autumn term, parents and carers are invited to stay and read.

Reading for Pleasure displays

Character Study Clay Trolls in Year One

The Gruffalo's Child inspiring writers in Year One

Julia Donaldson Author Study in Year One

Role play in year R

Class Novel Year Five

Beowulf masks in Year Five

Sharing favourite books in Year Six

More favourite books in Year Six

Beanstalk volunteer in action!

Reading Volunteers
Our parent and carer volunteers support children with their individual reading.
If you are interested in getting involved with our reading volunteers, contact Kim Taylor , our parent support adviser, for further details.

Reading for Pleasure Top Tips for Parents
Children’s Laureate and author of “The Gruffalo”, gives her top tips for parents to get
children reading. Click on the link below to view her short video.

Best selling author, Jeremy Strong, shares his "top tips" for reading for pleasure.

Free e books
There are two hundred and fifty free e books available at
You need to register to access the free books but with so many books available you’re sure to find plenty of books that you can enjoy sharing with your child.

Lots of children much prefer non- fiction books. If your child loves facts and information
then share non-fiction books with them. Follow your child’s interests!

You may enjoy exploring the following websites with your children

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