History - Look what we've been doing during the Autumn term

Date: 6th Apr 2017 @ 11:43am

Year 1 enjoyed discovering "Toys from the Past."  After interviewing their parents, carers and grandparents, they found out that many of the toys they played with when they were five were similar to today although nowadays children are bought computerised toys at a much earlier age.  They discussed possible reasons for this - developments in model technology, expense and availability.  During Science, we examined different materials and their purposes and learnt that although many toys have been delighting children for centuries such as dolls and toy soldiers, the materials they are made from have changed.

Step back in time with Year 2 to the year 1666, where they learnt the importance and significance of reading and writing.  Without the diaries of Samuel Pepys much of the details of the fire would have been forgotten as there were no cameras or videos to record the event.  With the expertise of a visiting theatre company, the children were able to watch and take part in a re-enactment.  Look in Year 2 for more photographs.

Aarh!  The Vikings have attacked Year 5.... Phew it was only a re-enactment.  Whilst learning about Invaders and Settlers, Year 5 were visited by "Sloveig the Viking" and were given the opportunity to learn how to cook, sew, weave, as well as make weapons and use them!  Dressed in character, Year 5 enjoyed a "Viking/Anglo Saxon" day and researched why Britain was invaded. 

After researching and learning all about Britain during the Stone and Bronze Ages, Year 3 wondered what was happening at that time in the rest of the world.  They discovered that meanwhile 2,608 miles away, Egyptians were building pyramids!  They compared and contrasted the different ways of life and buildings.

Year 6, through their Guided Reading and English have researched how certain significant people have changed the course of history.  They learnt that we owe much of our botanical knowledge to Carl Linnaeus and without Charles Darwin perhaps many more species of animal would be extinct.  In addition to this and to commemorate the Great Wars, they read extracts from the war poets and wrote their own rhyming couplets and haikus.

Year Three travelled back in time and experienced being 'hunter gatherers' in our woods.

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